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Frog Dissection is Coming!!!
Frog Dissection is Coming!!! For a copy of the eligibility requirements and some FAQs, scroll to below the calendar!
Mrs. Hladun's Class Calendar
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Frog Dissection! :)
Our annual frog dissection is really right around the corner.  Here are some resources you might find helpful:

Click here for a copy of the eligibility requirement

  • WHY DO WE DISSECT?  For a few reasons...first, the CA Science Standards have specific expectations about teaching about body systems and frog systems are VERY similar to human systems.  Second, dissection requires important skills - you'll learn about lab safety, proper use of sharps, and about how we can use other organisms as models for our own body.  We also use the dissection as a chance to learn more about frogs habitats, their destruction, and about specific species of frogs...it's a big unit that culminates in this fun and educational lab
  • DO I HAVE TO DISSECT? Of course not...the dissection is not a graded assignment, so there is no penalty for choosing not to dissect.  You can decide to/not to in advance, the day of, or you can exit the lab (if it's necessary) after it's started
  • WILL I DISSECT ALONE?  No, you will work together on one frog with a partner of your choice
  • WILL IT SMELL?  Well, there will be some odor, but I've never had a student decide not to dissect because of it
  • DO I HAVE TO TOUCH IT?  Ummm...yes...but you'll wear gloves!
  • WILL THE DISSECTION BE GRADED? We will do a pre-dissection preparation assignment, which will be graded and must be complete, but the actual dissection is not graded
  • DOES EVERYONE GET TO DISSECT? My goal is for EVERYONE to dissect that wants to, but see the eligibility sheet above or on CB 200 for details on how to earn that privilege
  • WILL IT BE BLOODY? No - the frogs are purchased already deceased.  The supply company drains their body fluids (including blood).  The frogs will have fluid in them, but it is the fluid used to preserve them, and is not from the frog itself
  • WILL THE FROGS BE ALIVE?  No - we purchase them already deceased and ready for dissection
  • HOW BIG ARE THE FROGS?  Their main body cavity will be about 2.5 inches long (give or take .5 inches), but with their head and legs, the whole frog is closer to 7-8 inches long stretched out
  • IS IT FUN?  Students tell me it the most fun day of science class - it's a really great experience for those who want to learn more about the human body and want to explore how animal bodies function
  • AM I GOING TO THROW UP?  I hope not!  In 7 years of dissecting (with over 900 students), I have had ONE student have to leave the dissection because she felt unwell...but she later told me she'd been feeling ill all day, so I don't think it was the frog!
The 3 Most Important Parts of this Webpage...
The 3 Most Important Parts of this Webpage...

1. Absent?  Checked out early?  Spaced out for a few minutes?  For daily work and homework details - check out the calendar above

2. For links to comp book table of contents and screen shots - check out the "Life Science Unit Resources" link on the left

3. To access the textbook online- check out the "Online Textbook" link to the left - access directions are listed; students will be set up with this during the 2nd week of school

What to Bring Every Day

Coming prepared to class each day is essential.  As a reminder, science & elective students should come to science class prepared with:

  • current trimester composition book
  • pen/pencil
  • colored pencils (no markers please)
  • scissors
  • glue stick


The following items are recommened, but might not get used daily:

  • lined paper (not as important for elective students)
  • highlighter
  • metric ruler
  • pencil sharpener w/ catcher
Lincoln Homework Club
Lincoln HW Club
The Twelve Bridges Public Library has some great online resources for tutoring, writing support, etc...  They have a copy of each textbook we use on hand as well.

In addition, they offer an online 1:1 tutoring service called BrainFuse that is available from 1-10 pm each night.

All students need to get access to this support is their Lincoln Library Card

Here are some resources for you:
Homework Resources at library
Resources & Forms to Get a Library Card
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