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Some teachers at TBMS are piloting a Learning Management System called Schoology - myself included.  Schoology is a separate webpage that is REPLACING my TBMS website.  Over the course of the year, we'll use Schoology in Life Science to:

  • get homework assignments
  • be involved in discussions with classmates
  • record grades (although there will be basic grade info for my class also on TeacherEase)
  • view pictures of our class comp book & work completed in class in case of an absence
  • access Google Docs
  • take quizzes and tests
  • turn in some assignments
  • and more!
Students will have access 24/7, as will parents, and there is an app available for both iOS and Android devices so you can stay up to date on the go!
It will take a couple of weeks to figure it out and to get your students set up with their log in.  Please be flexible and patient...I'm positive it will be awesome!  I hope to have navigated this transition from TeacherEase, my TBMS website, etc... fully by the end of August!
For more info, check out their website!
Stay tuned! :)

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