Mrs. Ford

Schoology Implementation

UPDATE (9/4):

This evening, I provided parents with individualized parent log in information to connect your email to Schoology.  A copy of the letter (without access codes) can be found here.  There may be some challenges in this process, and I don't have all the technical answers, but if you are having a hard time, let me know and I can try to point you in the right direction.
As a reminder, I will only update this site with daily agenda information through this week, and as of 9/8, I will move exclusively over to Schoology for course info and grades.  You'll be able to see a grade "snapshot" % in TeacherEase weekly, but grade details re. individual assignments will be available in Schoology only.



This year I will be piloting a learning management system called Schoology. Please be flexible and patient with me as I figure out all of the details involved with this transition.  I will be setting up students with their log in during the first full week and hope to have most details with this transition figured out by Back to School Night, Thursday September 4th!  

Until then... basic class information can be found using the tabs/links at the top of this page, and TeacherEase will have grading details until the transition has occurred.

Schoology is a separate webpage that is REPLACING my TBMS website, and where you can find all grading details. Over the course of the year, we'll use Schoology in Life Science/Forensics to:

  • view classwork details 
  • get homework assignments (calendar)
  • record grades (although there will be basic grade info for each class also on TeacherEase)
  • view resources of the work completed in our science interactive notebooks (ISN) 
  • access Google Docs
  • take quizzes and tests
  • turn in some assignments
  • be involved in discussions with classmates
  • and more!
Students will have access 24/7, as will parents, and there is an app available for both iOS and Android devices if you are interested!
For more info, check out their website!
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