Twelve Bridges Physical Education PhilosophyTop of Page

The staff at Twelve Bridges Middle School believes that physical education is of the utmost importance.  Students will acquire the knowledge and ability to be healthy and physically fit.  Fitness will be a major component in the physical education class.  We strive to make your experiences in class enjoyable and ones that you will remember for a lifetime. Please come prepared and ready to succeed! 

Rules and ExpectationsTop of Page

  • Gum is prohibited and will result in a detention. 
  • BE ON TIME! 
  • NO food or drink in the PE area 
  • Be respectful to yourself, others, and the equipment
  • Do not touch the equipment until instructed by your teacher
  • Leave any negative attitude at the door
  • All other school rules apply

Medical NotesTop of Page

  • Only 2 parent notes per trimester.
  • Parent notes will be good for a maximum of 3 days; after the 3rd day a Doctor's note will be required.

Dressing Down RulesTop of Page

  • Titan PE Shorts and Shirt OR plain navy blue mesh shorts and light ash grey T-shirt.
  • Closed- toe tennis shoes must be worn. 
  • A sweatshirt and sweatpants are recommended for colder days. The PE Dept. will sell sweatshirts and sweat pants. 
  • All clothing must be clearly marked with student's last name on the outside of clothing. 
  • Students should not wear chains, rings or loose earrings to PE. 
  • Students are responsible for bringing their own PE clothes.

Non-SuitsTop of Page

  • On the 5th non-suit, a detention will be issued. Every instance thereafter will be a referral.
  • Non-suits can result in a lowering of your child's grade.  

Locker RoomTop of Page

  • Students are responsible for their possessions. The PE Department is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property.
  • A lock and locker will be assigned to each student. No sharing of locks, lockers or PE clothing.
  • Enter through the "IN" door and exit through the "OUT" door.
  • Get out of the locker room quickly. 
  • Locks will be provided for each student, but if lost or damaged the student will be responsible for the $10.00 replacement charge.
  • At the end of class, students are not to leave the PE area until the bell rings.

Possible ActivitiesTop of Page

  • Volleyball
  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Track and Field
  • Dance/Aerobic
  • Ultimate Frisbe
  • Basketball
  • Wallball
  • Handball
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Badminton
  • Paddle Ball (Pickle Ball)
  • Lacross
  • Gymnastic
  • Field Game
  • Circuit Training
  • Fitness Testing

Grading PolicyTop of Page

Titan physical education students will be graded on a daily point system. Students will be graded on dressing out, participation, social skills, and fitness runs. Total points will be tallied and put into a grading scale. All absences must be made up. A grade of zero will be recorded for absences not made up by the end of the trimester.  Make-up forms can be found in the locker room. 

PE Off Campus Permission SlipTop of Page

All parents must view the PE Off-Campus permission slip (below) and sign-off for off-campus PE activities (running on nature trail, etc).  Your child will be receiving the "sign-off" form from his/her PE teacher during the first week of school.  Forms should be signed and returned directly to your child's PE teacher.

PE Off Campus Permission Slip