Summer Math Bootcamp

Directions for TBMS's Summer Math Bootcamp
1. Log onto
2. Click on "Start Learning Now."
3. Sign in with Google account from school such as
You may need to enter your age. 
4. To join this class, your students should click their username at the top right, choose "Profile," and go to the "Coaches" tab. 
5. Under the "Add a Coach" tab, input the class code for the grade that you will be in the next school year. 
5th to 6th grade: 7NC8AY
6th to 7th grade: 69RZH3
6th to 7th grade Advanced: G38TXQ
7th to 8th grade: VED9UM
7th to 8th grade Advanced: TQH7QF
8th to 9th grade: HTTZQD
6. Go to the home screen and start your mission.
7. Students are encouraged to complete the missions assigned for their grade level. 
Students making significant progress will earn a reward at the beginning of the school year!

WEB Orientation

Where Everybody Belongs

For:  Incoming 6th graders and new students

What: 6th grade orientation, school tour, & schedule pickup

When:  Friday, August 12, 2016

Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Where: Twelve Bridges Middle School, GYM

RSVP: Please click the link below

New Immunization Requirements for 2016

Notice to Parents and Guardians about 7th Grade Vaccination Requirements - English  Spanish
Parent's Guide to Immunizations - English   Spanish

TBMS Campus Tour

What's New


Vision Statement:

To create a respectful, success-oriented, cooperative community that challenges all students to develop a curiosity for learning and to pursue academic excellence.

Mission Statement:

The staff at Twelve Bridges Middle School, in cooperation with the students, parents, and community, will provide students with a safe and supportive learning environment in which to foster a culture of academic excellence and discipline in addition to life-long learning.  Our goal is for our students to not only become responsible and well-rounded individuals, but also to become better citizens.


Titans are giants, rulers of the universe, and the twelve children of Uranus and Gaea. Titan today refers to "one of prodigious size, strength or achievement," a person of exceptional importance and reputation.
We have high expectations for our students at Twelve Bridges Middle School.  We encourage them to live up to the name of the Titans -- to be of exceptional character and reputation as they put forth full effort toward achievement.


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